“Broken Promises…..to Yourself”

“And we are conscious that all things are working together for good to those who have love for God, and have been marked out by his purpose.” ~ Romans 8:28 (Bible in Basic English)

Father, speak to me as I read this. Please remove hindrances and distractions. Father, help me to revitalize myself through Your Word, Your Presence and Your great ability to help me overcome all odds regardless of my circumstances and problems in life. Father, please reveal Yourself in Jesus Name. AMEN!


When it comes to promises we all make them, but so often we also break them.  We make wedding vows that say “for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.” However when those bad events come to pass do we keep them? The true test of character is staying loyal when un-loyalty is found in a relationship.  Many people who are married have experienced a partner cheating on them and though they are together they are separated in their hearts and minds.  Is it possible that someone is genuinely sorry for hurting you and going behind your back and doing something legitimately wrong, but you are unforgiving and that un-forgiveness has hindered your relationship from being what God intends it to be?

When it comes to promises we make them to people and even to Jesus. We all know God keeps His promises even when it seems like He hasn’t but as time goes on we realize “He really did keep His promise” and sometimes we are shocked that He actually did. It’s in times like this that we laugh, gain faith and persevere through future trials because we have the inner confidence, conviction and security that “God will come through again.” Yet, there are promises that we don’t talk about often but ones that are broken; the promises we make to ourselves.

It’s easy to make a promise to yourself and break it because of trials and circumstances that arise in your life. “I want to write this book, I will write this book,” “I will have a successful marriage by forgiving and healing through Gods love, grace, prayer and His Word,” “I promise that I will never do that again” and the list goes on. Yet, most of the promises we break aren’t always directed at someone else, but ourselves.  We have a tendency to give up when times get tough and sometimes we even try to justify why we should give up. We can come up with excuses that seem rational but they are still irrational and we know it.  We have this tendency and weakness because of our flesh, it’s not always a lack of faith so don’t beat yourself up about it. 

What promises have you made to yourself but have yet to fulfill? Could it be going to the gym, bettering your health, fixing your marriage, giving financially to your Church, joining a ministry, entering into a new relationship with an open heart fully ready to trust and not holding back parts of you?  Promises that are broken by us cause us to have doubts, insecurities and they often leave us with a lowered self-esteem.  When we don’t accomplish what we set out to do the enemy can send thoughts that we are failures and immediately we can hold firm to his “promises” instead of going to God and asking God to revitalize our passion to fulfill what He desires.  It’s important to always seek God when you make a promise to do something because you only want to promise to fulfill what God has already equipped you to do. 

At times in life we hit rough spots, spots that make us question everything and if the truth is told we even question God. Some people have given up on God because of mistakes they have made not realizing that if they go to God they will see God work in a supernatural way using even those moments for His glory and our good. God promises that “all things work together for good to those that love God who are called according to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28) Is there something that you should attempt to do or start today that you have given up on? If you know something or the Holy Spirit has revealed something, it’s time to talk to God and get back to work. In the Book of Nehemiah we find someone who was dedicated to finishing what He started. It was for the betterment of people and enemies of Israel were not supportive of this process. Satan isn’t interested in you bettering yourself or people, so he opposes you.  Yet, the good news is “no weapon (plot of Satan) that is formed against you will prosper (work on satins behalf).” (Isaiah 54:17)

It’s time to reanalyze your life noticing those things that could have hindered you not just in fulfilling a dream, goal or life decision, but emotionally by seeing yourself as a failure. God doesn’t see you that way. God sees you capable. God sees you more than equipped. God see’s you able to fulfill His purpose. It’s time that you see yourself that way as well.  Take a moment and think of those hidden desires that you once had, such as going back to school, learning about God, reading books on how to parent better, learning to love again and forgiving those who hurt you, etc. etc. God has equipped you but you have to accept that you are already equipped to do it.

Father in Jesus Name I come to You so grateful that You equipped me to fulfill Your purpose. Lord, as You have prepared me for something I ask that You reveal it to me and revive my hopes and passions for it. Lord, I ask that You solidify Your will in my heart as You reveal it to me. Father, I commit this to You asking for Your help. Lord, I need You and through this prayer I prove it. Now Lord, let me anticipate Your help as I pursue goals and remove the barriers that have caused me to make broken promises to myself in Your gracious and truth filled Sons Name Jesus Christ. AMEN!

Goals help you overcome short-term problems.” ~ Hannah More