“When We Are Dropped Unintentionally”

“Another descendant of Saul was Jonathan's son Mephibosheth, who was five years old when Saul and Jonathan were killed. When the news about their death came from the city of Jezreel, his nurse picked him up and fled; but she was in such a hurry that she dropped him, and he became crippled.” ~ 2 Samuel 4:4 (GNB)


Father in Jesus Name, show me my fall and help me get up on my feet again whole and healed in Jesus Name. Amen.


When it comes to life we can fall, literally and spiritually.  We can hit the floor and not even know what happened.  Most people when they fall can come up with the good excuse “I don’t know how I did that!” However, in life others can also hurt us unintentionally.  When it comes to life we find that wounds are very many and there are a few healing agents, but Jesus is one of the few. 


In the text there was a young kid named Mephibosheth and he was being held by his care-taker and for fear of bad news the care-taker ran and in the process of running she unintentionally dropped Mephibosheth and he became “lame” or crippled.  An event that he had nothing to do with, nor desired completely altered his life.  At times in life, if you really look back I can guarantee you were being carried and you were also dropped.


You may say, well “I’m not crippled” but not all crippling comes physically, some are emotional.  Many people have been dropped in their younger years. Rape is being dropped. Drug addiction all through your family is being dropped. Your father walking out on your mother is being dropped. Sexual abuse is being dropped. Neglect as a child is being dropped. Seeing an abusive family is being dropped.  The drops that come in life can leave us just like Mephibosheth, lame, crippled and hindered to do what he desired to do.


So what do you do when you are dropped unintentionally?  First, you must accept that many people are dropped unintentionally, the act may have seemed intentional, but perhaps it wasn’t? Nobody wakes up and says “let me ruin my child’s life, I am going to leave his father.” Nobody wakes up and says “I will abuse this person sexually so for the next 30 years he will feel the effects of it.” Nobody wakes up and says “I want to be addicted to drugs for the next 20 years.” Nobody drops someone intentionally at first.  During life we find that we ourselves have also dropped others.  People have relied on us and we have dropped them with more than just broken promises, but also broken hearts and our fingerprints are found on the shattered pieces.  I can’t express the value of keeping someone’s trust and confidence when they open their heart to you. Perhaps we have led people on in relationships that we knew weren’t going anywhere but for the sake of sexual pleasure or personal and selfish fulfillment we kept stringing someone along. 


How many times have we been the victim to being dropped?  A drop can hinder a person for a life-time.  I’ve been dropped. One thing is for sure, a drop can’t be changed, once it happens, it happens, but as Mephibosheth, life goes on, but does it really?  Did your drop stop your life? Oh, you may still be Pastoring, in school, married, etc. but did it hinder you in an area that you are yet to see? Many of our drops have more than just a shocking blow to us as we are surprised by life’s wounds; they often produce lasting effects on a person, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  Sometimes we blame God for life's drops.


Things come about from our drops; we see Mephibosheth was completely lame, think of the horrified heart that he had his whole life he couldn’t walk, because of an incident in his childhood.  He was dependent on someone else because of someone’s mistake. God saw this event taking place, but God allowed it for a bigger purpose. The human mind can’t understand why God allows things to take place that He wants to heal. We think “well, God if You want to heal me, why did You even let it take place?” We don’t understand that our drop is designed to prop someone back up, to put someone back on their feet, to show someone hope in a hopeless situation, it’s so hard to comprehend; but it’s true. 


God so often allows bad situations that in time will bring good changes in our life and the lives of others, but the painful reality is this, we must look at our drop, face to face and accept that it happened.  Many things that have occurred in our life are buried deep within us, covered up by perfectionism, a desire to be popular, a desire for the newest car or to be rich, a desire to have more girls, guys, money, clothes, etc. Our drops cause us to do things to cover up the painful reality that “we were dropped.” It’s important to understand that before you can get up, you first must realize that you are down. When you see where you were dropped, it’s not an easy process.  We think healing by God is simple, but it’s not. When the covered up “drop” unveils itself we can run back into drugs, sex, and the things we did without Christ. Uncovering our drop is painful; the healing process is painful because when God starts the process you realize “I’ve been like this for a long time.” At times, it’s not the drop that’s the worst, but the thought “what could I have been if this didn’t happen?” “What could I have been if my father stayed in my life or if my mother wasn’t abusive?” “What could I have been if…..?” 


Life’s drops have serious lasting effects on us and as God heals us from our drops we begin to see the effects that it has had on us for quite some time. The pain of seeing the results of a life-change that you didn’t even see going on below the surface is enough to send you spiraling down. If you are in this situation, if you are reading your life and not a blog, it’s important to know that even if you are doing things that you don’t want to do; God forgives you fully and freely. The cost of your forgiveness was already paid for by Jesus Christ, nothing changes or alters it. You are forgiven. God is going to prop you back up, but it may take some time. You may need to open up to a friend, you may need to go to counseling or a Doctor, but there is some thing or someone out there that has the proper tools to get you back on your feet. God uses human instruments to bring about emotional, spiritual and physical change, hope and healing. Just as a human was used to drop Mephibosheth, a human was used to prop him back up. 


In 2 Samuel 9 King David remembers his friend Jonathan and searches to bless someone and Mephibosheth is the one who is found by David. God uses a human instrument to heal the pain and problems of Mephibosheth.  Though he was still lame, God used David to bring him back to life. His drop was so consequential to his life that even when David searched for him he said "I am no better than a dead dog, sir! Why should you be so good to me?" (2 Sam 9:8 GNB) His drop altered his life so much that when God sent someone to help him he wondered “why would you even look to help me?” Perhaps God has or is about to send someone into your life to help you and you feel similar to Mephibosheth “who’s going to help me, I am crippled, I’ve been dropped.” It’s important to know one thing as God is uncovering your drop, someone is coming to help you, someone is searching for you and regardless of how you feel about yourself, they see the best in you and they are going to be used by God to usher you into Gods best for your life. I promise (this is Adam talking) that God is going to send someone into your life that will change your life once you realize the fall that took place. Just keep your eyes open and allow the healing to take place. Remember, you are forgiven and loved by God. Forgive the person who dropped you and know that someone is coming to prop you up.


Father in Jesus Name, I come to You asking for help. Spiritual, psychical and emotional healing is needed. Lord, if You haven’t shown me my drop through this, reveal it to me somehow. Lord, bring the right people into my life to prop me back up so I can go search out someone else to prop up as well. Lord, heal me to heal others in Jesus Name. AMEN!

“We can be tired, weary and emotionally distraught, but after spending time alone with God, we find that He injects into our bodies energy, power and strength.”  ~ Dr. Charles Stanley