"The Cost of a Dream"

Now Joseph had a dream” ~ Genesis 37:5a (BBE)

Father I pray that You speak to me about my life and the situations in it through this moment. Lord, reveal to me what I need to see and don't let me miss any revelation You desire to give me, please in Jesus Name. Amen!

When it comes to Joseph in the Old Testament nobodies life compares closer to the life of Jesus Christ than him.  Joseph was hated by his brothers and rejected just as Jesus was rejected by the Jews. (John 1:11) Joseph was sold into slavery for twenty pieces of silver and Jesus was betrayed for thirty. (Zechariah 11:12 & Matthew 26:15)  Truly when we examine the life of Joseph we can see close similarities between his life and the life of Our Savior Jesus Christ.

When it comes to a dream there are many obstacles you must face along the way, if you examine the life of Joseph you will see certain tests that are required in order to fulfill a dream.  While a dream can be a strong desire to do something for God or something that you just desire to do for a family member they all come at a cost and many are willing to dream but many aren’t willing to pay the price to see the fulfillment of that dream.

The tests that come to “dreamers” are many. Some face rejection, betrayal, suffering, long distance relationships not just in a marital form but friendships that separate for a time.  Joseph was taken fully from his family and friends in the area that he lived in and was placed in a completely different environment.  Just as Jesus was taken from Heaven, His original residence and was placed on a sinful Earth in a completely different environment. (Philippians 2:6-8)

One of the first tests of Joseph was suffering and not knowing “why.”  In life we find ourselves wearing ourselves out with the question of “why?” Why did “this” happen? Why didn’t “this” happen? Why did my life turn out like “this” and why am I not where I want to be in my current life status?  The questions we can come up with are endless, though it’s important to bring about the questions to God (or journal them) in hopes of clarity through prayer and the Word of God it’s more important to know by faith that sometimes you won’t fully understand the ways of God. (Isaiah 55:8-9)

Joseph was tested further with sexual integrity. As he was taken from the place of his residence he was placed in Egypt and perhaps in Egypt sexual temptation and sexual gratification could have been something that wasn’t frowned upon but sought after.  Joseph was given the blessing of working in Potiphar’s house, helping him out unknowingly being prepared by God to run Egypt’s economy. It’s interesting to note that Potiphar entrusted everything to Joseph, even down to his meals (Genesis 39:6) and then we see that Joseph was going to be in full charge of the food in Egypt to stop a famine. (Genesis 41:41) Preparation without the knowledge of the person being prepared for something is often how God works. God works in the hearts of people preparing the person to fulfill His plan in ways that we don’t understand. Yet if you examine your life closely, perhaps through your trials, gifts, resources and talents you can see “God is preparing me somehow through these events.” 

It’s my personal belief that what we go through in life is designed by God (perhaps not desired, but designed) to show us what areas we will serve others.  Joseph was tempted to have sex outside of marriage, even to commit adultery (Genesis 39:9) yet he stood face to face with the test of character, integrity and godly morality and stood in his convictions towards God. Joseph said that the sin of adultery would be a sin against God. Joseph passed the test of sexual integrity.  In the lives of single Christians many don’t realize how hard this test is, consider our culture, television, music, the internet, etc. etc. is filled with information, idealizations, thoughts and inclinations to have sex before marriage or even go beyond that and have sex with someone else inside the blessing God gives called marriage. 

Joseph was further tested in a time of isolation when he was framed for adultery and he was thrown in a jail cell. (Genesis 39:20) Although Joseph was in jail his gifts were not. (Genesis 40:8-9) He was still serving God and being prepared by God to fulfill His calling.  In order to fulfill the purpose of God on your life you will find these three tests in your life, although you may not notice them at first they are there.  If you examine your life right now you could possibly be in one or just have come out of one.  Joseph’s life has more tests, but examine these three and see if you are in one of them and then examine “what could God be doing in this situation?” We don’t know if for sure if Joseph knew he was being prepared by God, surely he faced moments of “why” and even perhaps anger towards God. The Bible says we are all men of like passions (James 5:17) or in other words we do the same things, we are just alike, so Joseph went through what we go through in tests.  Joseph was confused, frustrated, doubting, fearful, discouraged and every other emotion we face in trials, but God was at work perhaps unknowingly to him.

Now that we have the Bible we can examine Joseph’s life and see God was at work preparing him for his purpose, so now that you have this knowledge, examine your life and see how God is preparing you.  There are always signs, hints and nudges from the Holy Spirit that will accompany you moving into a new level of whatever you may be doing.  The important thing is to continue doing what you are doing while asking the Father “Lord, what are You doing?” God is able to show us what He is up too, but at times He may not always reveal this, that is the test of trusting God when you are fully uncertain or life is completely out of control. There is a purpose. Talk to The LORD today asking Him what He is up too, maybe you’ll get an answer.

Father, I come to You grateful You are doing something, something beyond my capacity to understand right now. Lord, I ask that if it’s Your will that You will reveal something to me about what You are doing in my life. Lord, let me examine my life and see what You are up too. Father, I pray for promotion in whatever way You see fit, but I ask for healing in the areas that I need healing in. Father, reveal Yourself to me as You desire so that I can understand You better and don’t let me miss these answered prayers. I thank You in advance for what You are doing, have done and are going to do in my life for Your glory and for others benefit. I thank You so much in Jesus Name! Amen!