"Lost Hope"


Father in Jesus Name I ask that this would speak to my current situation in my life. Lord, help me be more like You and let me hear what You desire to say. Lord, shape this message into my personal life for Your glory. Holy Spirit do what You do best, illuminate and help me understand more about God. Thank You in Jesus Name. Amen!

"The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time." ~ Psalm 34:19 (New Living Translation)

I hope this gives CLEAR guidance to the season of YOUR personal life (whomever you are). At times in your life you'll find yourself on a Cross and something will die inside of you (don't let anyone LIE to you) and you'll see hopes, aspirations, desires etc just vanish. However, it might not be a LITERAL three days to you, but in time you WILL see God resurrect those same things that died.

The Bible says something very interesting. No words are "un-necessary" or "out of place in the Bible." In Proverbs 13:12 it says "Hope put off is a weariness to the heart; but when what is desired comes, it is a tree of life." Notice the comparison and what comes FIRST; hope is lost, go-to Acts 27:20 and you'll see "all hope that we should EVER BE SAVED was now LOST" but THEN they made it to land "a desire fulfilled is a tree of life."

You might find yourself in a HOPELESS situation where "all hope is lost" that's not a sign of spiritual weakness. Luke AND PAUL were on a boat in a LIFE THREATENING STORM in Acts 27. Paul WROTE HALF OF THE NEW TESTAMENT and found himself saying "ALL HOPE IS LOST" and he knew so much about God. Yet he found himself faithless, in doubt, worried, FEARFUL (God later said "fear not Paul" (God wouldn't have said that if he was at peace). All of Gods greatest servants had times of a lack of faith/moral failures and disobedience to God. Don't let ANY religious hypocrite DOWN YOU, condemn you or place SATANIC/FALSE guilt on you for LOST HOPE.

It happens to the best of us, but in time when the stone is rolled on the tomb and the disciples (you) are gathered in a room scared to death of the Roman government/Jews (your situation) Jesus will somehow MIRACULOUSLY "walk through the walls" (the problem) and reveal Himself in a way that like Thomas said finally (we too) "My God and My Lord." Notice again in John 20:19 Jesus says "peace" so obviously there was a lot of fear in that time. Don't expect the promise without the problems and don't think the problems don't have and serve Gods purpose. I love you.

Father, I pray for You to do Your work in me and I thank You for that. Lord, I come to You without hope in certain situations. I accept the truth of Your Word that You are not upset with me as found in Romans 8:1 and 8:34 for this. Lord, I ask that You free me from false guilt and release me into a new found desire to continue to serve or do whatever I was doing but because of life caused me to want to give up. I thank You for Your ability and for this struggle because it's for Your glory and will help many in its due season and time in Jesus Name! AMEN!