"DON'T Give Up, Keep Going!"

“For who hath despised the day of small things?” ~ Zechariah 4:10 (King James Version)

Small starts, short steps, little fruit, not much evidence, hard work but little reward. Words like those tend to get on our nerves, we never want to do a lot of things and reap no benefits or at least a little evidence. Yet, God within His Word tells us not to despise the day of small things or small and humble beginnings. Anyone serving in the Kingdom of God by helping others find Christ in their own unique ways knows that God doesn’t start us off “big,” He starts us off small. If God started us off “big” He would have to take it all away because of pride. Pride is the number one ministry/Pastor killer that will ever come to be, near that is the opposite sex and money. The Lord loves to see us with a humble beginning, even to the point where we wonder “is this even worth it?” The answer is: Yes it is, KEEP GOING! Those very moments are what prepare us to do bigger things and in the season of time that God has desired, He will elevate you and promote you to do more.

The Lord chooses to bless us by small things in the beginning, that’s just how He is, we can’t get around it. If you find yourself doing something “small” for God now, don’t worry, that’s God sharpening you to be a greater asset and tool in His hand. If you can’t handle and appreciate doing small things for God (Colossians 3:17), what makes you think you will be faithful with big things? It’s the small things you do for God now that prepare you for the big things you will do for God in the future. It may seem annoying not to see the fruit you desire to see or at least reap something, but there’s a reason behind the seasons of your life. Don’t neglect the day of small and humble beginnings. God says not to do it, so don’t!

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You thankful that I have Your Words assurance that I should not despise small beginnings. Lord, speak to my heart and help me to be fruitful and faithful where I am. Lord, teach me not to desire more, more prominence, more position, more gain, more funds, Lord teach me to be content with where I am. Father, make me fruitful when You see fit. I surrender my life, my will, my ministry, my desires to You in order that in Your time You can fulfill Your purpose in my life and through my life to bless the Body of Christ and those coming. Lord, help me serve You where I am so I can grow into other places. I thank You for now, right now in Jesus Name! AMEN!