“For Your Glory!”

“I thank Christ Jesus our Lord that he has trusted me and has appointed me to do his work with the strength he has given me.” ~ 1 Timothy 1:12 (GW)

“Now unto the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only wise God, be honour and glory for ever and ever. Amen.” ~ 1 Timothy 1:17 (KJV)

What does it mean to really “give God glory?” Is it just something we say during a praise and worship service? Is it something we begin our testimony with or is it a lifestyle and form of worship that comes from us surrendering more and more of our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ daily? It’s the latter! Paul the Apostle began the first epistle (letter) of Timothy by explaining how many people were sharing false teaching, he went down a list of things that Timothy the young Pastor was to avoid in order to be fruitful and stay fruitful in Ministry. Yet, in the middle of this Paul realized “hey, God changed me too!” It wasn’t just a message to Timothy to avoid people, but to call him to the awareness that God could change anyone. Within the verses located above Paul reveals to us what brings God the highest level of glory that we could ever possibly give Him.

In order to fully and completely give God the glory, we have to first give God the life we have. It can seem scary I mean “after-all, what if…what if….what if…God wants me to…?” There is such a fear inside of us that we can’t seem to get rid of when we think of surrendering our life to Jesus Christ. The truth is, Gods plan is best for your life, nothing can beat it and only YOU can stop it from taking place, so surrender! God has a better plan for your life than you. Giving God the glory requires your life, but it requires your personal time. Time, it’s what you have least of, but what God wants most of. God uses our personal time to shape us, preparing us for the Ministry He has for us and He has one for all of us. You don’t have to Pastor, own a Church, be a Deacon or Preacher to have a Ministry. God uses small things to make great impacts on this world. Stay humble, be that small thing looking to do small things so God can get GREAT glory. Paul said “Christ enabled me to do these things.” Paul realized his effectiveness in Ministry came from Jesus and Jesus alone and Paul later expressed “glory to God” at the ending of the chapter. Paul knows that giving ourselves to Jesus Christ and doing His work in the world and Church gives God the highest praise. While you are reading it, it’s as if Paul had to stop and have a moment of praise and gratitude because he realized “I was just like the people I told Timothy my son in the faith to avoid and God changed ME.” He can change anyone. The least expected are the most used by God. Don’t look down on anyone. Give God the glory today by giving God your time, talents, ability and service! God Bless!!

Father in Jesus Name, Glory belongs to You. Father, I admit I have a selfish and weak nature that wants glory for myself, but give me power and victory over that. Lord, I surrender myself to You. I give You my life and my will. Lord, use me for Your Glory and may I be enabled by You to fulfill Your plan as You give me the best You have for me and as I serve Your people through prayer, worship, fasting, studying Your Word, praying for them and just finding small ways to help, give and look out for them in a godly love. I thank You and ask Your blessings over my life and Ministry to be abundantly filled with lasting and abiding fruit in Jesus Name! AMEN!