“But godliness with contentment is great gain.” ~ 1 Timothy 6:6

When it comes to the word “grateful” we want to embrace it and we often do, but sometimes it slips our mind because of the circumstances and issues we face daily. As we strive to grow closer to Christ it seems like problems come in our path and instead of making us stronger, they are tools Satan uses to separate us from God, His will and His Word. Gods will is that we be thankful for all things, but how is that possible with such bad conditions in the world? Paul instructs Timothy in a time where people were hoping for money, sort of like today, as a means to find “rest” or “contentment.” Paul saw beyond all of the false motives of the heart and knew money wasn’t the answer, but godliness was. God tells us the same. God knows what’s best for us and His will is that we be eternally grateful for all Christ has done for us already (past tense). His death. His burial. His resurrection. His ascension to Heaven. His giving of the Holy Spirits gifts.

Godliness! Before contentment must come godliness, before gratefulness comes humility. Godliness is an attribute of a Christian. It seems that godliness refers to our inner motivations and then our outer actions. Being godly is something God desires for all of us. He wants us to live a pure life, a holy life, a separated life, something that makes people “wonder” inwardly “why don’t they do this, this and that like me?” The key to godly living is humility, humility reaches its highest when we surrender our wills (wants and desires) to Gods will (His Word). Humility, when revealed is a work of the Holy Spirit, this same Holy Spirit produces in our heart the gift and blessing of godliness and contentment. In order for us to be grateful we have to reach to God in prayer and ask Him to manifest these particular characteristics of the Holy Spirit or in Paul’s terms “reveal godliness in us.”

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You and thank You so much for Your Word and life. Lord, I come to You and admit I am not always grateful, humble or thankful. Lord, I pray that You reveal Yourself to me, in me and through me. Holy Spirit please manifest and reveal godliness within me through Your work in me. Lord, cultivate what is needed in my heart, prepare me for the work You have chosen for me to do and help me be aware when You open the doors to do it. God, I thank You now, help me to retain gratefulness so much that people would be shocked to hear me complain. I thank You Lord in advance in Jesus Name! AMEN!