Honesty in Prayer: Royal Prayer Line Devotional Message - December 11th 2013

Father, thanks for this moment, please let this word soak into my soul, mind, heart and spirit. Let the seeds sown produce good, lasting and blessed fruit 100 fold in Jesus Name I thank You. It’s for You and Your glory and Kingdom. Let it take root and let it be taught again through me! AMEN!

When it comes to prayer what do you think about?

That question is quite possibly one of the most valuable things you will know about yourself, it describes your relationship with God and it defines who you are as a Christian.

Prayer is designed so we can talk to God, not just to get everything on our urgency list, but so we can be in the presence of God having communion and fellowship with Him on a day to day basis. Prayer is what changes the Christians life into being more like Jesus Christ. Prayer is what fulfills the purpose of God on a person’s life, but a-part from prayer being so necessary, most people wonder “how do you pray?” We have all heard stories of the benefits of prayer but when it comes down to actually doing it, it’s a bit different than we expected. Most of the time if we would admit it, our prayer life is dull, boring and repetitive.

Given the great opportunity by God to teach Youth Church, I said something similar to this one day and didn’t quite expect the answer that I received from the teens I said “I pray like this, Lord, I hate this person, please fix this” when I said that a few peoples jaws dropped as if I said something horrible and at that moment I thought “I bet the parents feel that way” the truth is, we all have. God patiently allowed me to go see various ways where I would mask how I really felt in prayer. I would fake my prayers, “Lord, I need this, blah blah blah” goodbye Amen. However, what I really needed wasn’t that but something else. Somehow I was taught that we aren’t supposed to be true to God because of how holy God was. In other words I was tricked into a false idea of what God desires when I come to Him in prayer. Honesty, that’s what He wants. When I lust, God doesn’t want me to rebuke the devil, He wants me to confess what I did, and He wants me to be honest. Prayer to me in the past was the same as going to the Doctor sick and the Doctor says “Hey, Adam what’s wrong man you look a little down” and I say “nothing.”

That was my prayer life, similarly even if I prayed for an hour the answer was still “nothing.” I felt a religious obligation to pray for so long and if I did I pleased God, but the problem was, “how long is long enough?” and “when is enough enough in order to please God?” God began to break those traditional and religious walls by showing me that I am not justified by how long I pray and I am not pleasing to God based on my works, I am pleasing and justified to God by the work Christ did on the Cross and through that work I can be as honest as I want with God. If I hate someone, I don’t say “Oh God, let me love them more” no, no, no I go to God and say “I hate them, but that’s not Your will and desire Lord, so please work in my heart to make me like Jesus so I can love them with the love of Christ” a prayer like that God can answer, but a fake prayer, God can’t move on.

A prayer without sincerity of heart and honesty is a red light for God, but an honest prayer is a green light, He can move, He can do something, He can fix something and more importantly, He can revitalize your prayer life. You may say, well where is that in scripture, let’s take a look at Jacob.

As Jacob was wrestling with the Angel in Genesis 32 we often think that as he was wrestling with him he simply stated in an exited voice “I won’t let you to until you bless me” but if we read the rest of the story in the book of Hosea the 12th chapter and fourth verse it says that he sought this blessing with crying and tears. Jacob wasn’t being a phony in his prayer to God, he was being sincere and that sincerity was the moment where his life changed.

We can journey into the New Testament and find Paul the Apostle wrestling with a “thorn in the flesh” in 2 Corinthians 12 and it says he pleaded with the Lord three times for this to be removed. Most of us if we really meditate on that passage thinking of a problem in our life do realize that he wasn’t just saying in a hopeful manner “Lord, take this away” it was probably done in tears, wondering “God, why haven’t You moved on my behalf.” We often in moments like this feel overlooked by God, but we are not. Most of us if we have walked with God have faced such a moment.

Finally we can run to God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. Before Jesus was to be betrayed and crucified to a Cross unjustly we find Him in the Garden of Gethsemane wrestling and praying to God. In Jesus’ prayer it wasn’t one of biblical confession, we don’t find Jesus quoting “be of good courage and God will strengthen your heart” we don’t hear Jesus saying “no weapon formed against me will prosper” we find Jesus in the purest moment of His life asking God for help. When we come to God for help we don’t need to have a false impression of courage, morality or a superior form of spirituality, we need to just “come as we are” so to speak and give God the full truth, even if we feel a bit embarrassed to say how we truly feel about Him, the situation we are in, the person in our lives or the person we like, but we don’t need to like in a way that is ungodly.

With these three references we can see that praying in honesty is Biblical, but it isn’t done as often as it should. Perhaps today may be the day that your prayer life can be radically changed and transformed into something you desire instead of something you may feel obligated to do because you have a title in front of your name. Think about God as your Father and not your task-master. If you can turn your mind away from traditional and religious beliefs you can experience the fullness of what God wants to do in your prayer life.

My biggest regret was that it took me years to get here; I hope today you realize that value of it and change it. God Bless.

Father, thanks, I appreciate this and You please teach me how to love and adore You so much that I am fully myself in front of You. Let my life line up with the Word of God and teach me to choose things that please and honor You. Father, let me love You, for-real. Lord, let me be whole and healed through the awesome power of honesty in prayer and I thank You so much in Jesus Name! AMEN!