“It's Going to be Alright”

“We continued to be tossed so violently by the storm that the next day the men began to throw the cargo overboard.” ~ Acts 27:18 (God’s Word Version)

Storms don’t appease my taste buds! No seriously, they aren’t the “funnest things” in life, but they are sometimes the most necessary things in life. God has some way of working inwardly in external circumstances, especially when they are and seem out of control. Paul the Apostle was on the road to destiny (Rome) and a storm broke out, but during this trip they began to have to throw things overboard in order to reach their destination. God sometimes allows the tightest situations we will ever face so we can throw things overboard. Sometimes things in our life are so deeply ingrained within us that only a storm can “lighten the load” in our heart, mind, soul and emotions. God has a way to work in a storm!

God often places us in situations where we can reach out to Him. Some non-believers will face storms, not always realizing God is sending it because He desires salvation. No matter how ferocious the storm, if salvation came because of it, it was a good thing and in time you will realize it, appreciate it and love it. It’s a good thing to say knowing truly “I have been changed by Gods storms.” God doesn’t desire death, pain or illness, but sometimes He allows those things for a greater purpose, perhaps to get you TO Christ or to bring others TO Christ. We don’t always know the purpose of the storms of life, but we can be assured God HAS a purpose to the storms of life. Remember, when you are facing a storm, maybe God is trying to bring you to that inward real and total place of surrender where something you were (in the past) fighting against, seems to be more acceptable/palatable. God sometimes has to allow the worst first and then bring in the best later. If you see a spot in your life where you need to toss something overboard, perhaps the wrong music, get rid of it, it’ll only hurt you! God Bless!

Father in Jesus Name, I pray that the Holy Spirit sinks this into my heart and that it brings forth 100 fold lasting fruit in it. Lord, teach me about You in my life situation right now. Lord, help me yield that thing that I don’t even want to give to You, knowing by faith it’s a good thing to do. Lord, I pray for the salvation of souls through this, through my life, through my ministry, through my love, through my forgiveness, through my kindness and through my worship. Lord, I pray that You use me to captivate Christians and bring them to the next level of their faith. I thank You now for all of this, including the salvation and restoration of family and friends in Jesus Name! AMEN!