“Jesus began to teach again by the Sea of Galilee. A very large crowd gathered around him, so he got into a boat and sat in it. The boat was in the water while the entire crowd lined the shore.” ~ Mark 4:1 (Gods Word)

When it comes to the word “leadership” many people disqualify themselves before they even hear of the qualifications. What is leadership? What’s the purpose of it in terms of the Kingdom of God? When it comes to leadership in the Kingdom of God, it is greatly devoted to teaching. Teaching in the Kingdom of God is simply guiding someone else to Christ or closer to Christ. When it comes to teaching and leading in the Kingdom the purpose and sole desire of the leader is to draw as many people to the Cross of Jesus Christ as they can. The leader should have a desire to spread the Gospel outside of the four walls of the Church and outside of the town they reside in. The leader and teacher in the Kingdom of God should have a passion to stir people into action and into following the same leader and teacher they follow, Jesus Christ. Simply put, Christian leadership is demonstrated in and by Christian education. Without teaching leading isn’t leading, it’s just dictatorship. Christian leaders aren’t perfect, but they are progressing towards becoming more holy and more like Christ everyday as they allow God to work inwardly as He works outwardly with them. Christian leaders always teach, always. Teaching is the anointing that comes with leadership, it’s essential because without teaching others don’t know what to do.

Mark 4:1 begins with Jesus teaching a large crowd of followers. The crowd was so big that He had to get in a boat in the water so the others could draw near to hear. Jesus Christ was a Leader because He was a teacher. As the crowds gathered I am sure they wondered “where did this guy come from? How does He know so much?” All of that is great to think about, but that is unnecessary, what’s important when you are leading and learning is to follow instructions. God gives instructions to us through His Word and He desires that Leaders apply them and walk in His ways. God promises to prosper the work of the Kingdom, but how can He prosper something if we are rebellious and won’t walk in His plan? Christian Leaders have to be devoted to God and dedicated to the point of being able to sacrifice their ambitions, plans and desires to fulfill Gods plan, purpose and will. God will give you the plan to lead, but will you take the time to listen, discern and apply? In order for God to truly bless your leadership ability you have to have a steady stream of obedience flowing through your life. When it comes to natural choices for picking leaders, we wouldn’t pick someone who isn’t dedicated and obedient to the purpose of the position, how much more God? God wants you to lead others by teaching others and if you can teach others you are certainly reaching and leading others. The key to it is to stay low key and humble, don’t put yourself out there, the Bible tells us promotion comes from God (Ps. 75:6) so don’t exalt yourself, just look for ways to share, explain and live out the Gospel in hopes of making others see the need to do the same, that’s Leadership.

Father in Jesus Name, thank You so much for Your grace, love and kindness. Lord, I pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to resurrect anything in my life that has died. Lord, I pray for my ambitions to be exposed to my heart and sacrificed on the altar so Your will, plan and desires can come to pass in my life. Lord, give me the strategy to lead and guide Your people and my family. Holy Spirit, work in me to fulfill Gods plan and purpose and let me stay humble and wait on You to promote me and not myself please in Jesus Name I thank You! AMEN!