"Man, I am Tired of THIS!"

“Do everything without complaining and arguing.” ~ Philippians 2:14 (New Living Translation)

For around ten years now, gas prices have been the center of controversy. They have also become a source for criticism and “rightfully so,” yet isn’t criticism most of the time a more educated and honorable way of saying “complaining?” Life comes with plenty of doors of opportunities to complain, yet God doesn’t desire that from us. The Children of Israel were wandering in the wilderness for forty years and one of their sins that God has pointed out to us was “complaining” or “murmuring.” The Bible tells us to do everything without complaining, so how is that even possible, there has to be some sort of trick to this. Complaining always will have a hidden word within it, “perception.”

The truth is, every day you have something to be grateful about or complain about. Instead of complaining that the phone isn’t working or having signal where you work, pray for the people IN your phone book. Instead of complaining about how slow a train is, ask The LORD to use that time to calm you and produce generally the LEAST coveted fruit of the Spirit, patience. When it’s time to complain in the flesh, think of something to do in the Spirit. Every day we have opportunities and even the best of days can be ruined by starting it off with “oh, I have to go to work today, great, I hate this!!” When we introduce our days with negativity, it’s almost certain that seed will sprout, grow and flourish throughout the day. Negativity and complaining go hand in hand, but gratitude and spiritual power walk together. Use that power from the Holy Spirit that YOU were given from Christ’s death to have victory over complaining.

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You thankful that I do have the opportunity to grow and learn how to not complain. Lord, I pray that Your Spirit will teach my mind how to react to things in a different way. Lord, change my perspective on the things that irritate me. Lord, help me to not only see the good in all things, but also in people and do good to them to help them see the good in all people. Lord, use me for Your glory and give me the Spiritual victory from the Holy Spirit over complaining. Father, speak to my heart throughout the day and help me recognize the value of patience and gratefulness please. I ask this in Your Son Jesus’ Name! AMEN!