“Reach the Lost!”


“The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” ~ Proverbs 11:30

When it comes to winning people to and for Christ, sometimes we can think “that’s not for me.” We want to do it, but sometimes we wonder if we CAN do it. The truth of the matter is, you certainly can win souls for Christ. People often wonder “if I can, how can I?” People often feel the sense of inadequacy when it comes to reaching out to people and sharing the Gospel. The enemy throws plenty of thoughts in our mind “what if I look stupid?” “what if I mess up?” “well, I don’t even know a lot of scripture!” We have all these thoughts swirling in our minds when it comes to doing this great activity and command of Jesus. Jesus said we are to “go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Wait, Jesus, but I don’t have a degree in theology, I don’t have my Masters yet, dude, Jesus, you sure about that? Yes! God is sure. The Bible says “he that wins souls is wise.”

Many people are designed for you to speak to. It might sound crazy, but you actually live where you live for a divine reason. God actually directed your steps to your home, your neighbor might need salvation from Christ. You might even sense it, but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself. The key to winning souls isn’t just in preaching the Gospel, it’s in praying for the Gospel to be heard. Many people around us have heard about Jesus, but haven’t seen Jesus presented well to them or a life lived as a Christian in front of them. God has a plan behind your life, you don’t just live godly to say “I live godly” you live godly to prove to the world its possible. You live godly as a young person to validate the value of Jesus Christ and make them want Him too. Gods way of winning souls is done by prayer and His Word. Pray for those people around you and ask God to open a door of opportunity in His time to win them to Christ. Remember, some people wont be won by you, you may have prayed or spoken with them, but it’s as if they didn’t listen, that might not be true, perhaps there is another person that will come along and share it, then they remember you and say “God has been speaking to me, it’s time for me to give my life to Christ.” In reality, no one person won a soul, it took someones prayer for the person sharing and the person hearing, you may be confined to a hospital bed, but that might be the place where there is a soul serving you and God is saying “serve them.” You have a chance to do something that will change the world, pray, ask for opportunity, prepare by learning more about the Word and evangelism, live godly and preach that Gospel when God opens the door. Your life living, your prayer, your words and Gods Gospel will change and challenge people to accept Christ. Go for it! Love you! God Bless!

Lord, I come to You serious about this thing You call the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Father, I pray that You give me the courage, strength, dependability on You and Your Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission. Father, prepare my heart and the hearts of people all over the world who will hear or perhaps just see me sharing the Gospel or picking up trash or helping the homeless or driving a car with a sticker on it, or getting an invite to my Church. Lord there are so many ways I can share the Gospel, show me more ways, show me what I need to know. Help me see what is in my hand and reach already. Lord, I pray for those around me all the time from neighbors to schoolmates to co-workers and to Church goers. Lord, use me to reap a harvest of souls in my lifetime. Show me what to say and how to say it in the spirit of love, humility and the wisdom of God accompanying both. I thank You in Jesus Name! AMEN!