"The Storms of Life"

"But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon." ~ Acts 27:14

When you see this coming into your life, this is what makes you realize who you are in Christ. When life brings trouble, you have choices. Your choices determine where you are with God and your faith. We are always tempted to go back to old ways when storms come, but you have to stand firm and planted in the truth that God wouldn't allow it if it was for your bad, but remembering that your decisions can make it "for your bad" instead of "for your good (when God does it)."

The truth is, when you see something like "that" coming into your life, you are going to look at self first, you may blame, ridicule yourself about your mistakes or problems or perhaps even think of suicide but those aren't the answers. Perhaps the next thing is to look to the devil or blame others for the storm. Yet, the wise choice is to look to God and accept that your life is on a sea, you are the boat and sometimes you can't steer the proper way and don't know what direction to go, yet the winds of life and the storms of trouble direct you to your purpose in life. God has a way to direct you in the greatest storms of your life. Paul the Apostle was destined to go to Rome, yet without the storm in Acts 27 that literally could have killed him, he wouldn't have made it. You too, will make it to your "Rome" (destiny) but God sometimes has to direct you by the most ferocious, violent and craziest storm of your life. If you are in that season, perhaps you are closer to Rome, maybe your focus shouldn't be on the storm, but on the BY PRODUCT of it, your God given destiny. God Bless you and I love you.

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You thankful that You are moving the storm to where I need to be. I am drifting and sometimes it seems hopeless but You are steering and You have a plan, a great one at that. Lord, I pray that my heart is totally surrendered to You and that You work Your work in me while I am living here. Lord, fulfill Your purpose and will in my life and reveal that purpose and will to me. Clear up any confusion, chaos or doubt that is taking place in my mind and make me more like You, please and thank You in Jesus Name! AMEN!