“When Forgiveness is Hard”

"But to you who are willing to listen, I say, love your enemies! Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who hurt you.” ~ Luke 6:27-28 (New Living Translation)

When it comes to hard things to do in life, forgiving someone who hurt you is probably near the top of the list. It’s often hard to forgive people, even when we walk with God we suffer with the thoughts and the heart issue of un-forgiveness. What can stop it? How can we change it? Can we get over it? Is it even possible with THIS deep of hurt? The answer is YES! The truth is, some of the strongest Christians have fallen into this and don’t know how to get out. We all struggle with it, but why? When we are wronged, it’s easy to be offended and in that offense sometimes we lash out at a person or perhaps we tried to react in a godly way, but that offense still took root in our hearts. It’s easy to do and it’s hard to let go.

Un-forgiveness is like concrete, it’s poured but it’s not solid when it’s poured. When someone hurts us, it’s like that concrete being poured, at that very moment we can wash it off with the Word and it won’t leave a mark, but often we don’t even notice it. Sometimes we can be so hurt we just block out what happened and we don’t realize the un-forgiveness until God reveals it. Jesus gave us an example of how to forgive, it involves our action. Of course prayer and growing in the Word of God is great, but Jesus said “love,” “do good,” “bless” and “pray for” those who hurt you. That is our tool; this is our guidance from God to forgive offenders. We pray for God to help us forgive, be healed and love again, then (this is tough) try to do something for them, something good and it might not be in the best motive at first, but inwardly it will do something, God WILL work through that. We have to also beware of ridicule and harsh words coming back towards us, we have to “bless” when cursed. Proverbs 15:1 says “a soft answer turns away wrath.” Speak kindly to them. We also have to pray for them. As we pray for those who hurt us, God can lift our un-forgiveness and bitterness and place His love in our hearts. God replaces ungodliness with godliness. That’s just how He works. Who could you forgive today? Try these steps and see if it helps, God’s Word is on your side, you CAN forgive.

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You in need of Your divine help. Lord, help me to forgive, not just now, but in the future. Lord, teach me how to love those who hurt me, pray for them that use me, bless them that curse me and help and do good to those who are against me. Lord, speak to me inwardly and clean me up so I can respond in a godly way next time. God get my inner motives right please. Help me to have an idea, a godly idea to do something for someone who doesn’t like or appreciate me and when that’s done, convict them, draw them closer to You, because through that I am already showing evidence that I am drawing closer. I thank You in advance for Your grace for this great tool of spiritual growth called forgiveness. Teach me, lead me, guide me please I love You Lord in Jesus Name! AMEN!