“When You Lead”

“If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously.” ~ Romans 12:8 (NLT)

While some people covet a leadership position, few people understand the “behind the scenes” work found within the calling. Often we desire a position to inwardly have self-recognition, gain and prominence. Paul the Apostle begins to explain to the Christians in Rome that God actually gifts people with “leadership.” While many people could be “born leaders” many people are “God gifted leaders.” There is a great bit of difference in natural leadership and spiritual leadership, yet natural leadership can be coupled with spiritual leadership and it should be. When it comes to jobs, people sit in positions of power and some can become dictators and not leaders. A real genuine leader is someone who “gets their hands dirty” being and showing the example on how to do something. God raises up leaders for ministries with the purpose of fulfilling His will, not promoting the fleshly desire to say “I lead this great, large, efficient Spirit filled ministry.” God isn’t into boasting, at all.

In the process of Gods timing, people will be elevated to leadership positions in the Church, within that foundation God has a distinct reason for doing it. God knows some people will be able to help some people. Some people God has given a grace to be able to “mingle” with certain other people which would help their spiritual walk with Christ. Spiritual leadership is simply helping someone grow in their love, knowledge and desire for God. Period! God wants spiritual leaders with the ability to understand their calling, it’s not to have people serve you, it’s not to have a million people in your ministry, numbers don’t even matter to God, and it’s simply to help others grow in Christ. While the position is coveted, it’s necessary to remember with promotion comes problems and we don’t always know what we are getting into, but what’s the goal? When the problems of promotion arise, don’t even care; focus on the purpose, guiding people into a deeper and loving relationship with the Father. It doesn’t matter if people fight or argue, God can fix that, but until He does let God use and fix you to fix others. Spiritual leadership, it’s needed, but are you willing to pay the price?

Father in Jesus Name, I thank You so much for spiritual leadership and people who have gifts. Lord, I have a gift. Lord, I thank You for my gift and I ask that You use it for Your glory, peoples and my benefit. Lord, let my gift, even if its not leadership take root in the heart of someone so I can lead them to a higher level of faith, love and satisfaction in their walk with You. Lord, produce contentment deep within my soul so I can be happy with what position, gift and purpose You have given me. Lord, help me to remember my purpose in life isn’t a position it’s the promise of Eternal Life. May I bring others to that promise in Jesus Name! AMEN!