“Where to Go When You Don’t Know Where to Go”

“Trust GOD from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for GOD's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track. Don't assume that you know it all. Run to GOD! Run from evil!” ~ Proverbs 3:5-7 (The Message)

When it comes to divine direction, many even wonder “is it true?” People all over the world see God as a mysterious force that may be able to save, but isn’t that interested in their day to day life. The Bible tells us salvation is for all who believe and God not only is involved in our life, but wants us to be aware of His involvement in our lives. In those moments where we wonder “what in the world do I do now” God is right there as well.

We all hit “crossroads” so to speak in our life where we have two choices, this way or that way. It could be, do I go to a Doctor to have a child or do I continue to try it “this way?” It could be “should I just go by faith and never ask for help?” “Should I just act spiritual and like I know what I am doing and call it faith or ask for more prayer and wait a moment before making a quick decision that causes lifetime change.” The fact is we will all have moments of “wondering what to do.”

God gives us very simple and plain instructions in the Bible as to find out “what do to when you don’t know what to do.” The first thing spoken is “trust God.” Trusting God in itself is a learned lesson not just a quoted scripture, but we have to trust that He has our best in mind. The second is “with all your heart” which means we really have to give more of ourselves to Him in these moments, these “wondering what to do moments” cause us to have a deepened relationship with God when we respond correctly.

The third thing to do is our hardest “don’t try to figure out everything.” By our human nature, before the problem is even assessed we have already found a solution, but the problem is we only see one part, our part. The basis of trusting God is to get a “heavenly perspective” on our life, because that is what causes successful moves in our lives. Don’t figure it all out, immediately, wait a moment, be patient, your answer will come. The fourth thing to do is to “look for God in everything.” The danger of this is to over-spiritualize everything you see, “Lord, I saw that yield sign and I knew you wanted me to get the loan I couldn’t afford.” “Lord, I saw that sign and that person said this or that,” but it means more than that, it means we should acknowledge that we want to obey and learn about Him. We need to look for the daily lessons that cause us to be more loving, forgiving and kind to each other, putting up with each other’s wrongs while looking at ourselves and seeing “oh jeeze, I didn’t even notice I did that wrong either.”

The fifth thing to do is a culmination of the first four “run to God and from evil.” A lot of times at crossroads we are faced with temptations to “make it easy.” There are plenty of ways we can hold on to something instead of giving something. We can justify why we can “get away with this” or “how to get out of this without so and so.” One of the godliest things you can do in a time of confusion is take others into consideration, “will this hurt someone I love or someone I don’t know?” “Will this cause someone to move away from Christ and not closer to Christ?” When we begin to analyze how we treat people we are literally running TO God and staying AWAY from evil. There is your crossroad, do I chose Gods way (His Word) or my way (evil).

Our choices should be solidified in God’s Word and yes, it is tough at times, but we can’t pick and choose. If we went to a Doctor to get cancer removed, we would never say, “Well, just take out half, because I know what I want anyways, I researched this stuff.” Think of God as that Doctor; let Him do what HE wants to do in you and your life will become a progression of Gods revealed will. So review. Trust God, give God all of your heart, don’t try to figure it out immediately, look for God in your daily life, but being careful not to “over-spiritualize things” and run away from evil things and cling to God, being aware of others and leading them astray. Gods plan is secure. God’s Word is plain, here it is.

Father, we come to You asking You for Your love to fully flow into our lives. Lord, give us direction whether we need it right now or whenever. Lord, don’t let us take a path that isn’t godly. Help us not only trust You, but follow You because we have seen You change others’ lives. Lord, work in us so we can be more kind, loving and submissive, even to those who miscalculate what we said or did. Lord, help us see what You see and love what You love in Jesus Name. Amen!