"Who am I?"

“Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him.” ~ Mark 10:21 (NKJV)

What does God think when He looks at you? To some people, immediately it is a scary thing, they think “I am unworthy, I am a bad person, and I’m a failure.” Fear strikes the heart of many when they think about that, but what if it was something good and not bad? Would that change your view of yourself? We live in a society that is dictated by magazines, computer screens and televisions. We are told what to wear, how to look, what it means to look good and what it means to look bad, with that comes a lowered self-esteem. We tend to think more on our failures than the things we have done well in life and with that problem comes our warped view of ourselves in the eyes of God. We don’t see who we are clearly and that hinders what we see of God as well.

God doesn’t just see your failures, we tend to think that, but God see’s all sides of us at the same time. God see's all sides of you, He sees you fall into sin and rise above it at the same time. He doesn't look at YOU like YOU look at YOU! God looks beyond where you are! So you fell into a sin and you can’t get out, God see’s you not only coming out, but reaching people who are in it and bringing them out. God sees beyond where you are, like the picture of the glasses sometimes it’s bad enough we see God upside down, but we also see ourselves upside down. When we don’t understand God loves us and cares for us we do things that hinder who we are in Christ. A majority of our lives have been ruled by broken glasses, moments where we couldn’t see who we really were. The truth is, you are loved by God who created the universe. You have a spiritual gift nobody else can imitate or copy. You are called by God and chosen by Him to change the world. You are coming out of this sin filled world victorious. You can have a real thriving relationship with God. You bear spiritual fruit through your prayers, love for others and study of the Word. You are a Spirit filled Christian. You have this great opportunity to change the world, don’t wait to find out what your gift is, examine Gods Word and seek Him in prayer and you’ll see it clearly. God Bless!

Father in Jesus Name, thank You so much for Your grace and spiritual nature. Thank You that You see beyond where I am and You love me even where I am. Lord, speak to my heart, show me what my spiritual gift is and help me use it in the right motive for Your glory. Father, teach me about who I am in Christ and help me overcome any obstacle in my way. Lord, use me for Your glory, may my life be a reflection of the character of Christ and may many believe in God through my witness, testimony, gifts and prayer life. Lord, speak and show me how to become what You want me to be please in Jesus Name! AMEN!