"From Disappointment to Destiny"

“No matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it. A hard worker will get everything he wants.” ~ Proverbs 13:4 (Good News Bible)

When it comes to life we face many disappointments and we aren’t careful we can get stuck in a rut of disappointment.  When we talk to people who have had constant disappointment in life they knowingly or unknowingly shrink your faith to believe “it won’t work out.” However, we must understand that people mostly speak merely from their perspective and not Gods perspective.  When disappointments come what are you most prone to do? Most of us for a time go to things that aren’t of God in order to deal with deep disappointment, inner frustration and pain.

Solomon said a lazy person may want something but they won’t get it and that produces disappointment, wanting but not getting. Unfulfilled desires cause deep internal pain and with that pain it produces the ability to fulfill our purpose. It sounds strange but those desires of which we have that are truly of God are truly what we should do. If you make goals and you just go by a desire without prayer and God you are prone to disappointment because it can be from you and not Jesus. God’s goals ultimately lead to success, contentment and a form of satisfaction only God can produce in the heart of His Children.

When God gives you a vision or goal He wants you to pray first to make sure it’s of Him and if it’s of Him He wants you to do what you need to do in order to fully understand what God wants in it or through it. When you have a vision from God you can’t sit around on it and do nothing that will cause disappointment.  You have to read. Research and talk to people who have done things similar.  Get techniques from people but don’t commit to begin who they are because you are a unique individual.

When it comes to setting goals anyone can do them, but if we don’t progress towards fulfilling them it leads to disappointment and we have to have a good work ethic.  Solomon said “A hard worker will get everything (s)he wants.” Of course Solomon was talking from the aspect of Gods “wants” and “desires.” When we become Christians and we grow in our faith God “places the desires in our hearts” (Psalm 37:4) and from there we will fulfill our dreams. Disappointments come no matter what in life but from your disappointment your destiny can be revealed if you are setting your eyes on God and allowing Him to show you His dreams for you.

Father in Jesus Name, I thank You that You have a plan for me. Lord, show me who You are and help me to be effective in whatever You want me to do. Father, reveal Your will for me and my next step in life. Father, please let me fulfill all of Your will and teach me what to do to get these goals done when you reveal them as You cleanse my ungodly motives in the process in Jesus Name. I thank You much. I love You Jesus. Amen.