Make allowance for each other's faults, and forgive anyone who offends you. Remember, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others.” - Colossians 3:13 NLT

One thing is sure, with a topic like forgiveness, we all have someone to forgive.  The forgiveness isn’t just for us, but for God.  God receives praise and glory when we sacrifice or ungodly feelings and admit that we can’t forgive without Him. In prayer is where God replaces our ungodly feelings with godly feelings hence the “pray for your enemies” that Jesus told us about.  

That’s the beauty of forgiveness, once God reveals it; God is already giving us the power to overcome the feelings because He sees it hindering our life, ministry and often times literally our families.  We don’t always see that immediately, but God does and slowly but surely He will open the curtain of your heart and show you people you must forgive, because forgiveness is the way a Christian lives.

Our lives are a presentation of worship to God when we are willing to let go of the people who hurt us. Everyone gets hurt and chances are someone may be unforgiving towards you for something, so it’s wise to pray for them, whomever they are to forgive you as well; because we as Christians know forgiving is hard, but it’s right.

God doesn’t always show us all the people we need to forgive in one swoop, because it could crush us, but He does show us people from time to time.  Sometime the very people we thought we forgave are the very people we didn’t, we just masked it under a superficial Christianity.

Before I go on I want to remind you to forgive yourself. Your past unforgiveness towards you hinders your future with God. If you’ve had an abortion and prayed for forgiveness, you are forgiven, but sometimes we can accept God’s forgiveness of our sins, but we still carry the weight and guilt of ours.

Regardless of all the ways you can look for forgiveness, sometimes in order to forgive others you first have to forgive yourself, it doesn’t matter if the relationship didn’t work, it matters if you’ve forgiven yourself, then you are liberated to begin the process to forgive them

But what if you can’t forgive?  Of course you can’t! Forgiveness is completely divine and not humanly possible and trying to get will power to work is idolizing yourself.  True godly forgiveness is rooted in the Holy Spirits fruit of love. It’s a work of the Spirit, not willpower. Paul said love is the greatest thing, far beyond spiritual gifts, but the one thing that is hard is when he said “love keeps no record of wrongs.”  That’s true forgiveness, understanding you were wronged, but not keeping that wrong to yourself becoming bittern.

Sometimes people hurt us because they were hurt or that’s the way they saw their marriages go or they saw arguing all the time be it in relationships or families.  When we see things like this we think that “this is how life is” and this is “how I think” but God wants us to let it go. He wants us to count those things done to us dead, even the most horrible of things, some in your past, and some in your present.

 One of the beautiful things of forgiveness is some have been  hurt and our forgiving them and allowing ourselves to be a light for Christ which might be the very thing God uses to bring healing to that person’s life, never doubt Gods ability when you obey Him. You can get a person saved by forgiving them and being like Jesus.

I’ve said before the hardest things to do as a Christian is giving and forgiving, Jesus did both on the Cross.  He forgave us of our sins when we believed and He gave Himself so we could receive that forgiveness.

If Jesus forgave your sins, do yourself a favor, be like Him; forgive yourself and forgive other peoples sins against you.