When BAD is GOOD and GOOD is BAD

Father God in Jesus Name I thank You for this. Show me what You want me to see. Holy Spirit enlighten me to my purpose and a new perspective on life. Heal my heart and seal and cleanse up the open wounds I may have received. Lord, I give You me, right now to show me You, right now in Jesus Name. Amen.

When it comes to life we have many questions, some go unanswered, but some have an answer.  However, to find those answers, sometimes we have to examine the lives of other people.  The people we should examine are the ones in the Word of God that God worked in and through.  God has given us what we need in His Word. God can change our perspective through His Word, but if we have no word, we have no new perspective, often leaving us hopeless.  Yet, through grace we do have His Word and we have hope.

- Joseph was betrayed by his brothers; looked bad. It was God (good). Separated from bad influences and sent to Egypt (his ultimate destination and place of purpose).
- Joseph was accused falsely of rape; looked bad. It was God (good). Sent to jail to expand his gifts more than in Potiphars house.
- Joseph was thrown in prison; looked bad. It was God (good). The time of preparation. Tested by God. Tried by the fire but prepared at the same time for his purpose in life.
- Joseph was forgotten after getting others out of the same prison; looked bad. It was God (good). The same one who lived because of Josephs God given gifts remembered him later and brought him to Pharaoh after NOBODY could interpret his dreams but Joseph who God prepared. This ultimately saved the entire nation of Israel and his family, which is still preached to lead people to salvation to this day.
- Jesus was betrayed by his own disciple; looked bad. It was God (good). Prophetic from the Psalms, designed to send Him to His purpose, His ultimate purpose in life.
- Jesus was sent to be executed by the worst form of Roman torture, a Cross; looked bad. It was God (good). Prophetic from the Psalms, proof of the validity of the Word of God.
- Jesus died on a Cross; looked bad. It was God (good). God offered salvation to the world. All you have to do is believe that Jesus died for your personal sins, past, present and future and you are saved as God begins to change you from the inside out.
- Paul was beaten and thrown in jail with Silas; looked bad. It was God (good). God did a miracle and souls were saved.
- Paul was the middle of the worst storm called Euroclydon; looked bad. It was God (good). Souls were saved in abundance.
- John was exiled to the Island of Patmos after he didn't die from attempted martyrdom; looked bad. It was God (good). He eventually wrote the Book of Revelation foretelling events shortly coming to pass. It also gave us great glimpses of Jesus' character and closer glimpses of Heaven and the goodness of it. It gives us hope for more than "now" but greater when the time is right to go be with our Father.

Now compare your life with common situations while you use your own history as your understanding of this blog.

- You were not grateful to God and content with the temporary job you had so you went and got the new job, but got fired; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You decided to become "God" and "make it happen," looked like it was successful, it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You got the new man/woman and they broke your heart and destroyed you in ways you are still hurting from; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You got the new car to show off in pride, the payment was too much for you to handle; looked good, to make it worse, got dented; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You got married for looks and money and the person dropped their mask and became another person you never saw or prayed to see; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You got the "promotion" or position, but lost your humility before God, it looked good; didn't see it was bad.
- You got a new best friend, which ended up being an enemy and betrayed your trust; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You got involved with the wrong group of people over peer pressure and a desire for popularity, fame, fortune and prominence; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.
- You tried something one time with a friend and then got addicted; it looked good, didn't see it was bad.

It's not always what looks bad that is really bad and it's not always what looks good that proves it isn't bad. Looks can be deceiving. Bad can be the best and good can be the worst. Life with Jesus is paradoxial, but purposeful. When God is involved in your life He will always turn the worst into your best, but it takes time, hindsight, prayer, faith and the Word of God. "And we KNOW (not maybe, guess, think or wish) all things work together for good to them that love God to those called according to His purpose." - Romans 8:28

Father God in the Name of Jesus I thank You for the examples in the Word of God that give me hope in desperate times.  Lord Jesus, show me You in my situation. Help me to see clearly. Don't walk on water and let me call You a ghost, let me see You as the Christ.  Holy Spirit of God I pray for an overflow of wisdom, knowledge and revelation of the Word of God, my situations, our situations, honesty in prayer and communication with You. I thank You for my life and what I have, I place it all in Your hands as it all came from Your hands to work for my good and Your glory, I ask this in Jesus Name. Amen.