Blessed to be “a Certain”

“Now about that time Herod the king stretched forth his hands to vex certain of the church.” – Acts 12:1 (KJV)

Father God in Jesus Name I pray that You help me to know my gifts, purpose and reason for living.  I pray that I live every day to the fullest and that You would reveal Yourself to me everyday.  Holy Spirit of God I pray that this blog post would speak directly to my life and circumstances at any time and I pray that You reveal Yourself.  Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom, knowledge, provision and understanding. I thank You for supplying all my natural and spiritual needs in the name of Jesus Christ, nothing can stop this prayer from being answered. Amen.

Have you ever been under satanic attack before?  Satan bombards our hearts and minds with issues, distractions, and storms.  Satan sends out the biggest attacks on certain Christians.  Yes, it’s true there are “certain’s” in the Church.  In the text we see that Herod the king killed James the brother of Jesus with the sword and it pleased the Jews. Herod was a man of the fleshly nature, wanting the validation and approval of people, so he went after another person, Peter.  Peter was the initial starter of the Church of Jesus Christ.  Of course, the Holy Spirit was the author in Peters preaching on the day of Pentecost (Acts 2) but Peter was specifically chosen by God to preach the Gospel and start the Church growth and it grew tremendously. 

Peter was also specifically chosen by Satan to attack.  He was one of the “certains” of the Church that Satan knew were threats to his kingdom.  The Bible says he vexed the Church. Herod was a tool of Satan to attack the Church. The word “vex” means to harm, afflict, hurt, and hinder.  At times Satan will send attacks from people, addictions, habits, places and things. It’s up to us as Christians on how to respond wisely to those things. It’s not always the supervisor that is mad at you, the marital disputes, the unexpected bill, the child that is rebellious or the personality you must deal with in every-day situations. Satan wants your attention because you are focused on God.  Satan can and will use and utilize anything to attack you.

Sometimes an attack from Satan is a divine sign from God to let you know you are in the will of God. The persecution Peter was facing was not a direct result of sin or disobedience. God was not angry with him and He is not angry with you. Sometimes Satan will send an attack and God will use it to show you how powerful you are when He takes first place in your life.  It’s easy to see Satan attack us and surrender to his wishes, but when you understand that an attack doesn’t mean what you are doing is completely wrong you can grasp ahold of God in the middle of it and triumphantly overcome it.  Some spiritual attacks are spiritual compliments, they just come in forms that we don’t prefer.

Satan does his best to stop Christians from preaching, growing, learning, praying and serving God.  He didn’t stop with the early Church and he won’t stop until Jesus finishes Satan at the end of days.  Satan must attack the Church because the Church is the prized possession of God.  God said in Isaiah 44:8 that you are His witness.  You are Gods chosen child to reveal God to this world.  Satan is an adversary but never compare Satan to God. Satan is not on the level or caliber of God.  Satan is created, but he fell. You now receive the grace of God over your life because of the death of the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 5:1).  Jesus loves you. Satan is jealous of you, why be worried about him? God is God. He created the Earth and everything in it, from every cell in your body to every tree, animal, star, planet and the things we have yet to discover. That’s your God and He is even bigger than that.

Don’t get upset when you are under spiritual attack, fight back.  You have weapons and the greatest of those are prayer and the Word of God.  The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior.  Salvation places you under the “protective custody of Jesus.”  God already gave you a promise, “in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” (Romans 8:37) You are not alone in any battle and the battle you are in right now is often correlated to a blessing that is near, on or coming towards you.  God is on your side. Refocus your energy towards the King of Kings, watch your strength grow and faith flourish in the middle of a fight. 


Scripture promise for today: “But thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and he heard me out of his holy hill. Selah.” – Psalm 3:3-4

 Try thinking about these questions and be honest in your responses.

What is your first response to a Satanic attack (example: anger, fear, despair)?

What is the best response to spiritual attacks (example: prayer, praise, worship, private personal time with the Father)?

What have you learned from the past attacks and how God has delivered, freed and protected you from the past attacks?

What is one time to boost your faith where God supernaturally helped you when you were overwhelmed with situations and circumstances in your life?


Father God in Jesus Name I thank You for the privilege of being persecuted for following You.  Holy Spirit of God I pray that You become my shield and the lifter of my head today. I pray that You fight my battles and that I stand on the promises of God, trusting You to help me. Thank You that I am an overcomer of any attack Satan sends my way already because of my faith in Jesus and His love for me. You are always with me and have never left me and for that I thank You in Jesus Name. Amen.