BLESSED. Royal Prayer Line 5-22-2013

Father in Jesus Name, I come to You and ask You to make this fruitful in my life. Lord, bless me so I can bless others with a heart of love and compassion please in Jesus Name I pray. Amen!


The Bible says in Ephesians 1:3 “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ” 


What do you think of when you hear the word “blessing” or “blessed,” the truth is, most of us think of things and not something we are becoming, but Gods Word tells us differently. Being blessed isn’t what’s on a pay stub, it’s not what you drive or how big your house is, being blessed is a spiritual transformation that takes place by the work of God in your heart. 


All over the world we see people walking around without God with the things we covet and desire to have, the big house, the nice cars, the four car garage, yet they are still without God.  Inwardly and naturally, we think being blessed is something that has to do with natural and materialistic means.  This very mindset is what God seeks to get rid of in our life because it’s a hindrance to the true work of God in our hearts. 

Most people would agree that fulfilling Gods plan and purpose in their lives is the key to success and they would definitely be considered “blessed.” However, we rarely understand that Gods whole purpose and work in our life is to make us more like Jesus Christ.  God wants you to think like Jesus, to look for people who are hurting, to forgive like Jesus and to see people who feel lonely and bring them in making them feel valued, appreciated and accepted.  God wants you to make people feel better about themselves; after-all that’s what God has done with you. 


God expects in return what He gives to us. God gives us money to give not to hoard. God gives us gifts to use not to glorify ourselves and try to outshine someone else.  God gives us capability and knowledge to serve and love other people. Gods version of being blessed is simply being more like Him, not grabbing onto things of the world and accumulating things that can be lost in a matter of seconds and we all know they can. Your greatest worldly desire and we all have one can be gone in seconds, in the blink of an eye it’s gone and then we are left with us and “us” is what we least think of when we hear “blessed.” 


Since we know being blessed isn’t a materialistic good, but a spiritual transformation and change, what can we expect from God now that we are indeed being blessed by coming closer to Jesus Christ and growing in our relationship with Him?


In the lives of the Apostles, none of them had cars or big fancy yachts or houses, but we could consider them blessed.  The Apostles went through the most severe of situations and circumstances and even faced death for the cause of Jesus Christ, yet they were blessed. So here are three things that will validate how “blessed” we really are:


1)      How much we value Gods inner work in our lives: If we really desire to be blessed and be a blessing we are going to value Gods work in us, changing us and shaping our lives to be more like Jesus Christ. That’s how God makes us useful to this world in order to change this world. God wants us to allow Him to help us love the things He loves and get away from the life that is self-centered and un-valuable to the world and His Church.


2)      God revealing himself to us in small ways: God will prove Himself to us daily, easily soothing our doubts and fears as we walk with Him. If you ask, He will show you Himself every day in some small way and as you read the Bible you’ll see Him in greater ways. When God does this, that’s what makes us want to know Him better. I can’t imagine being a Christian and lacking this in my life.


3)      God working out all things for our good: God promises in Romans 8:28 to work out everything for our good as we begin to love Him and care for Him. Our life is like a puzzle that is not put together, its fresh out of the box and when we get saved, Christ begins to put the pieces together.  Throughout our lives it looks like He isn’t doing too well. If we surrender to Gods will and ways now by the end of our lives that puzzle is put together. That was Gods will for our life. Yet, the puzzle of our life fits into Gods master plan which is another unfinished puzzle. That puzzle will be completed when Jesus returns for His Church. 


With these three evidences to God blessing you, I ask you the question, are you blessed? And if you feel as though you are lacking in one, simply ask God to reveal Himself, to work in your life and to work all things out for good so you can be used to change the world around you for Gods glory. 


Father in Jesus Name, I come to You and ask for You to work in my heart and life in the way that You desire. Lord, I thank You for this simple prayer being answered in my life. Lord, reveal Yourself to me daily and grow my love for the Word of God by Your Spirits power please in Jesus Name! AMEN!