Sorry, Holy Spirit

Father in Jesus Name I come to You and thank You for the Holy Spirit that You gave me at salvation. Lord, I pray that You help me to live in the Spirit and not walk after the things of the flesh. Let my life prove the existence of God and I thank You for helping me to understand the ways of God through this blog. Holy Spirit, fill me as You see fit and use me for Your glory please and I thank You Father for the grace to be loyal and loving to You and all people in Jesus Name! AMEN!


“And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” ~ Ephesians 4:30


Grieve, what a horrible word, we often hear that word when people are mourning the loss of a family member or a loss of any kind.  Greif by definition is when you feel great sorrow or mental distress due to something or a situation.  Dictionary .com defines grief as “keen mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.”


How often do we ever hear that Word used on God?  Oh, certain religions may say, well the Holy Spirit is not God, but contrary to false teaching, the Holy Spirit is God.  He is referred to by Peter as God in Acts 5:1-5. Jesus said He was going to pray and ask God to send the Holy Spirit and He would dwell with us forever. [John 14:16] If the Holy Spirit was not God, He would not be able to dwell in us and definitely not forever.  However, in the process of learning about the Spirit of God, the Bible says He can be grieved.  What a terrible feeling, no matter who you are, we have all felt great sorrow or loss over something, even if it’s just over a boyfriend or girlfriend. We have all encountered loss in our lifetime and no matter who you are, we all can always relate to this; loss isn’t fun and happy times. 


God speaks to us and says it’s possible to grieve the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit actually has feelings and He can be hurt by our actions and deeds.  How often have we fallen victim to doing something wrong that we knew was wrong but didn’t stop? You may have spoken badly about someone you know or even someone we don’t know. We may have just talked about a person in a vulgar or disrespectful manner, either in front of them or behind their back.  The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, meaning the Holy Spirit who dwells in us at salvation tells us what’s right and what’s wrong.  He is more effective than the human conscience, our human conscience can be overridden but the Spirit can bring strong conviction to our hearts, conviction that cannot be avoided.  Most of the time when we do wrong, we know it’s wrong, the Spirit of God convicts us of it! We can do things in our Christian life and we feel bad about it, but we never stop to think how God felt about that?  How did God feel when I slept with that person’s wife?  How did God feel when I committed adultery? How did God feel when I slept with that person? How did He feel when I yelled at that teacher or when I got angry at my parents? We often overlook Gods feelings in great expectation of fulfilling our own desires.  Who thinks about Gods feelings?  Often we forget about God in this area, we know God is all knowing and all powerful, but we neglect the fact that He is a person too.  He feels sorrow when we sin and withhold His guidance in our lives.  


The Holy Spirit began His work in our lives before we were born. God sent the Spirit to help us in our Christian walk, truly without the Holy Spirit active in our lives we cannot walk with God to our fullest extent.  We so often fall victim to sin and regardless of what we heard from false teachers on television and even in the local Churches, sin separates us from God.  Sin contaminates our relationship with God.  Willful and known sin is what hinders us the most in our Christian walk.  Wait, does that mean we have to be perfect? No, not at all, but the Holy Spirit will draw us closer to Christ.  The Apostle Paul spoke of his desire for perfection, yet knowing he couldn’t get there in this life. [Philippians 3]  It’s obvious in this world, nobody is perfect, but God wants us to over-power our sin nature.  When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden our human nature came into full effect.  Our human nature can be re-worded as our sinful nature.  It’s obvious that we all have it.  We don’t have to teach children to lie; we have to teach them not to lie.  Our sinful nature! It’s contrary to what the will of God in our lives!  So how do we get rid of this thing?


The Holy Spirit is sent from God to help us on our Christian journey.  The Holy Spirit can lead us and guide us to be at the right place at the right time.  Sure, we love to hear about that with cars, houses, open doors and spouses and that is true also, but God is talking about more than just that.  God’s desire to lead us is so incomprehensible we can never fully understand what He is doing.  However, when we look back over our lives, we can see how God has led us through things that we didn’t really and truly see Him leading us through Its often only after the fact that we realize it was God leading us the whole way.  How many times have you looked back over your life and examined the hand of God in your life?  Take the time today to think back in your life and examine Gods leading. That Church He brought you too. The spouse He brought you too. The job He brought you too. The Doctor He brought you too. The opportunities God led you to, to witness and help others for His glory. Think about it! In Gods leading, He desires for us to be led by the Holy Spirit. [Romans 8:14] This is more than just walking into a Church; this is being led to certain people, certain ministries, certain opportunities and opportunities to witness about your faith in Jesus Christ.  God desires to lead us, not control us!  God doesn’t want us to submit to Him as a slave master, but to come to Him and allow Him to guide us.  God wants our obedience to His will and without the Spirit being active in our lives, it’s impossible.  God knows all of our weaknesses! God knows you struggle with “that.” He knows that! He is able to fix “that,” too!  God wants to fix it! 


In the process of learning more about God the Holy Spirit introduces another Ministry of His, leading and guiding us into all truth. [John 16:13] God desires for us to learn about Him, more and more, even everyday! [Isaiah 55:6] The Spirit of God will illuminate the scriptures and make them stand out to us in our lives and circumstances. God is able to fulfill His desire for our lives when we begin to read the Word of God and begin to dedicate ourselves to prayer. The Holy Spirit is pleased when we do those two things. [Proverbs 15:8] If the devil doesn’t want you to do anything, he certainly doesn’t desire for you to read the Bible, study the Bible and pray often! God is pleased when we do these things and when God is pleased the devil is angry!  How mad is the devil about you?  Is he happy about you? Is the devil surprised by your actions or did he know you would do what you just did?  Who are you serving today? Are you living in the Spirit and walking in the Spirit? Have you allowed God to lead you into His desired path?  What choices will you make today, we all will make many of them, but God wants to even lead us in those decisions.  God wants to be a present, active God in your life.  Will you let Him do that right now? Will you accept the fact that He loves you, adores you and cares for you?  We wouldn’t worry so much if we truly would begin to learn more about God.  The Holy Spirit wants to lead you into a deeper relationship with God through prayer and the study of His Word, but just like the scripture says He can be grieved.  Don’t hinder the Holy Spirits work today, work together with Him. Open your Bible, get on your knees and pray. God will do the rest.  He is waiting on you. He wants to become a personal God, not a distant god who doesn’t appear in your life and would never help you in it. God wants to help you. God wants to speak to you. God wants to lead you. God wants to guide you. God wants to love on you. Will you let Him do that today through His Spirit that He has given to you? 


 Father in the Name of Jesus Christ I pray that You will begin to bring me closer to You by the work of Your Holy Spirit in my life. Holy Spirit lead me into Gods will for my life. Lead me to the right place, the right Church, the right ministry, the right job opportunity, the right spouse, and the right people. Lord, use me for Your glory through the power of the Spirit. Holy Spirit make the Word of God real in my life. Holy Spirit become who God desires for You to be in my life. Show me the things that You want to show me that I have probably over-looked. Holy Spirit, show me and lead me, lead me to green pastures. Help me to trust God and walk in the peace of God. Spirit of God, fill me, overflow in my life and let it be evident by my walk, talk, actions and the way I help and serve others. God produce in my heart a passion for Your Word, prayer and service to You. Holy Spirit bring a strong conviction in my heart that whatever I do for others I do for Christ. Lord, I love You, thank You for the precious Holy Spirit who is drawing me even now into a closer relationship with You in Jesus Name! AMEN!