Suffering, Is It a Blessing or a Burden? Perspectives!

Suffering, Is It a Blessing or a Burden? Perspectives!

Father in Jesus Name I come to You thankful, but eager. I know I need You. I know I need to hear from You. Lord, use this moment as a catalyst for spiritual growth and development. Holy Spirit I pray that I miss nothing that I need to see. Remove distractions and reveal them to me, help me to see the spiritual aspects of this moment. God I pray for enlightenment to my suffering and may I see them as a blessing and not a curse. Holy Spirit fill me and reveal me in this and show me how to deal with things in a godly way in school, in my house, in my life. Lord, I look to You now, refresh me spiritually and supernaturally in Jesus Name! AMEN!


When it comes to suffering, nobody wants that.  Of course! However, have you noticed what God does in it? Is God even in it? Most of the time when we experience bad times we think God has taken a vacation and some lazy angel can’t see that we are in trouble.  However, God is in it.  But is God the cause of it? We don’t really understand or know that.  A majority of my Christian life, my greatest trial has been singleness, I mean it’s not even so bad, but it’s a burden to me, a struggle to me and a great source of frustration.  You see, when it comes to struggles and trials, we don’t talk too much, but oh Lord, when we get new car or promotion on the job we can’t stop talking about it, it’s on Facebook, it’s on YouTube, it’s on Twitter and we took a picture of our new car on instagram, but let’s be real, we need to see the other side of you.  


I believe one reason it was tough during these four years is because I didn’t understand anything about it.  I looked at God as the source of the trouble and not as the solution of the trouble.  I saw God as the instigator, initiator and the person who sits up there laughing at me, waiting on me to break and fail.  However, is that true and let’s be honest don’t we all see that sometimes?  I’ve realized many things about myself and God, a few things about satan and well, I still wondered what in the world is this stuff about? “I mean come on Lord, You are all that and a bag of chips, man, and you can fix this thing, right? I mean look Lord, I just prayed for five people and fasted two days, can’t you just hurry up and do this so I can go-to sleep without worry and fretting?  What’s the deal!?” We feel this way when temporary trials come and we don’t know how to vocalize or get rid of our toxic emotions.  


I’ve realized that when suffering comes, satan tries to make me blame God, get mad at God and honestly I believe his biggest trap is when I feel the burning from the fire I begin to lose sight of the full counsel of God.  What I mean by the “full counsel of God” is the full view of God, though I am so limited in my view.  I begin to see God as mean and just there, not helping, instead of His true nature and character as my Father, a person who loves me and died for me, as a God who is personal and right where I am, a God who strives to help me, desires to help me and a majority of times helps me even when I don’t realize I need help or even want help.  The truth is, I see satans biggest trick isn’t the suffering, it’s trying to “x” God out of your life.  Jesus said that the Word of God was like a seed in Luke 8 and began to tell us that persecution and trials come and sometimes we fall away. Let’s be real, if we accept Christ and a new car and house just pop up within the week, we are all about God, my God we switch radio stations, instead of rap it’s Gospel, but when it gets tough, we go back to rap and forget Gospel.  Isn’t that strange?


Maybe the struggles of our life have an Eternal purpose and aspect to them; maybe they are designed for our good and Gods glory.  Tonight I realized something that I don’t know what in the world is going on. I felt the burning in me and was like “Lord, why in the world do You let this happen.” I went to read the Bible and was distraught about “it” I was like “Lord, why would You let this happen when I wanted to read the Word and now I don’t because of this?” Immediately I put my head down on the desk and just sat for a moment doing my best to calm my mind, but God showed up.  Somehow in the process of looking through some scriptures on suffering, God the Holy Spirit revealed something to me that I never knew, until tonight; suffering isn’t caused by God, it’s caused by satan.  I mean hello Adam, you’re a Minister and you don’t know that? Are you lost, crazy or just unsaved? You see these past years I have been focused on God being the source of this, God was just there, God was doing it, God was making it worse, God was causing all this to happen and instead of getting more holy, more humble or stronger in faith I got mad at God. 

Trust me, there have been times where I have been ashamed to know God, I’ve cussed at Him, gotten super upset and done a whole lot of stuff that I wouldn’t ever want to do again, because you see my view was wrong.  I saw only God, but during the day I look for satans traps and snares, but when it came to suffering all I saw was God.  I believe someone said “the greatest trick satan ever did was convince the world he didn’t exist.” I think he tricked me a whole lot by getting himself out of the picture and making God the only person.  You see, if it’s just me and God, I’m IMMEDIATELY going to blame God, I mean come on dude, I’m perfect, I’m Adam, I make no mistakes right? No, I obviously do, that’s seen tonight in God showing me something new and fresh, a revelation from Him personally.  However, looking at my life I now see that satan is the cause of all of this, but God is using this to make me more like Jesus Christ.  God isn’t up there cheering Himself on saying “I am good,” “ha, ha, Adam, you feel that burning son, that’s My perfect will for your life.”  God isn’t doing that. God at first wanted no problems in life, in the Garden of Eden God was perfectly fine with no suffering, but satan (the person who was hiding) came to Eve and tempted her to eat the fruit that God said not to eat from and then sin entered into the world.  With sin entering into the world, God foresaw all the problems and now that we are experiencing and the problems that He tried to stop by saying “Adam, don’t eat of this tree.” We experience what satan has started through the fall with Adam and Eve.  God never intended suffering, but God is at work in it.  I believed it was all God and me, no devil. Satan hid himself from me in the suffering, all I saw concerning satan was him sending me people and tempting me with sin, but I didn’t see him as a source and instigator of the suffering. 


Biblically, I can look in the lives of EVERY person who experienced sin and suffering and see satan is the person who started it, not God.  Look at the life of Job, who came to God and said send suffering his way? Satan did, not God! God allowed it because being a Father, being a lover of our soul, being our helper He foresaw Job becoming more holy, more mature, more loving and more spiritual in the process of his problems.  You see, that’s what God is doing in your problems.

Some people may see me as absolutely perfect “oh, he’s a Minister, ohh, he’s so special, he’s so spiritual, he’s a prayer warrior” and all of this stuff, but you and I are in the same boat, I love you and the truth of the matter is, I suffer with stuff too, because I am just like YOU! I am no different than you, you are special to God and I am too, there is no difference.  I know it’s tough being you and being where you are in life, but please don’t think it’s just God being mean to you, you see that’s a trick of satan, he wants to hide himself so you can just get upset and angry at God.  A proper perspective on things can do us so much good.  The other night I was drinking a Gatorade and man it was soooo great, but I looked down and I saw an expiration date that was 13 days or so past and immediately I went from loving it to thinking man this sucks, I’m throwing this away.  What happened? My perspective on it changed based on the information provided to me on the bottle, except the information was already there, I just didn’t see it.  Tonight I see a new perspective on suffering, but it was already there (in the Bible) I just didn’t see it. I see the value of God in reading the Bible. Without Him I am nothing. Thankful for the trials that make me like Him so I can help others. 


Father in Jesus Name thank You for my life that is in Your hands. You are holding me up, not myself, not my mom, not my job, not my career, not my education, it’s You. I pray that the Holy Spirit will grace me with a new perspective on life, supernaturally.  Lord, I pray that the power of the Holy Spirit will shift me into a new level of discernment in my walk with Jesus Christ. Help me Lord to overcome these areas of my flesh that are literally out of control, my anger, my outbursts and my self righteousness. Lord, teach me Your ways and help me to see You as You reveal Yourself to me daily. Speak to my heart and direct my life, guide my footsteps and keep me safe. Lord, speak to me personally. Do something in my life that way people will see me and know You are real. Lord, do something special to me and through me. Lord, let my light shine and let my life speak the words that I can’t speak to people, far and near. Holy Spirit of God, fill me and use me all the way, even beyond my life and into the future generations. Lord, I reach to You because You are my strength; please become that for me now in Jesus Name! AMEN!