Time to Work

“We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the One who sent us. The night is coming, and then no one can work.” ~ John 9:4 (New Living Translation)


Father in Jesus Name, I come to You asking You to speak to me and I am glad You can. Holy Spirit illuminate the text and help me see spiritual truths that aren’t even written in this blog. Lord, use this moment for Your glory. Feed me and show me how this can apply to my life in Jesus Name! AMEN!


When it comes to Gods Kingdom and glory, it’s vitally important that we learn to do the will of God.  What is the will of God?  Many people question the plans God has for them and wonder what the purpose of their life is.  Within the framework of the Bible God lays out a plan for our lives.  Initially salvation is the main purpose of everything in the Word of God.  However, after we receive salvation through faith and God’s grace by believing in Jesus Christ God commissions us to do a work for His glory.  God has a plan and a work for YOU to do for His glory and only God can reveal that work.  Within you are many gifts, many that lie dormant and have yet to be seen, used or even revealed by God.  God has a purpose for hiding some gifts, perhaps He waits to see what we will do with what we have now before giving us more.  God desires for us to start off in small ways doing small things for His glory and Kingdom.  After we do some small things, God begins to add to us larger things to do, but God doesn’t want us to forget about and stop doing the small things.  Perhaps God is leading you to lead a ministry one day for His glory, what are you doing now? What you are doing now with what God has given you will determine what you will do when God gives you more.  God desires for His chosen servants to be faithful in their work for His glory and Kingdom.  Without faithfulness we fail in our work for God, because someone is watching, waiting and looking for us to be on the choir stand on Sunday, to be at a prayer meeting, to be at Bible Study, to be at Youth Church, someone is waiting on you!


The context of this passage is Jesus passing by and the disciples see a blind man and immediately the question appears, “did he sin?” God knows the intensity of the human soul to find out “why” and sometimes God doesn’t give us a direct answer as to “why” something happened, but God does desire and command our trust in Him.  God sometimes allows situations to test and try our faith in Him.  Jesus explained to the disciples that it wasn’t because of a sin that he or his parents did that made him blind, it was so the work of God could be done.  Jesus later heals him but explains a great principle in serving in the Kingdom of God, it must be done and we have to be focused.  God wants us focused on His work and Kingdom.  The purpose of your life is to glorify God through your gifts, talents and dreams. God however, desires that you become obedient to His plan and desires for your life, sometimes what you want and what God wants is completely different and only He can reveal the truth.  God wanted the Apostles to focus on the Word of God and prayer and He made arrangements to have seven deacons in the sixth chapter of Acts to help them take the load off their backs.  God opened a door for the freedom to do the work of God. God will open a door for you to do the will and work of God to, just ask in prayer.  Your purpose is found in service. Your purpose is found in God. Your purpose is found in your gifts and your purpose is designed to bring God the highest glory He could receive from your life. It’s time to work, but it’s also time to figure out what it is that God desires of you. 



Father in Jesus Name, I come to You grateful and thankful. Lord, I ask that You glory would be revealed in my life. Lord, I pray that my life brings You the highest level of glory You could ever receive from me. Lord, show me that work that You desire for me to do for Your glory and Kingdom and let me be properly assigned and positioned to hear from You. Lord, when You open the door may I obey and get instructions from You on how to accomplish Your will and not my own. Lord, let me not have an attitude to exalt myself, but to glorify You with a humble attitude. I thank You in advance for showing me anything I need to know, even the dormant and active gifts in my life and I thank You so much for being able to do so in Jesus Name! AMEN!