Trusting In God

Father in Jesus Name thank You so much for the blessed opportunity to know You and serve You. Holy Spirit speak to my heart and help me in my walk with You to place my full trust in You and not the changing circumstances of my life. I thank You for this answered prayer in Jesus Name! AMEN!


We hear “trust God” all the time, but what’s that mean and more importantly, is it an action?  Does trusting God just mean sitting around and then whatever I prayed for is supposed to happen? There are great advantages to trusting God to work in your situation; you can find peace, joy, power and contentment.  However, I think we often trust in things changing and not really trust in God.  What I mean is, we are trusting in God, but more than likely we are just hoping for the situation to change and if it doesn’t our faith is shattered because we were just looking for a change in our situation. Sometimes when this happens we lose sight of God, because the situations and circumstances of our life didn’t change in our favor, yet. This is so easy to do, I can think of some things right now where I am trusting in “it” or “them” and not in “Him.” It’s seductive, it’s easy to think we are trusting fully in God, but in reality we have other thoughts. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have faith, it just means we need to place our faith in the right direction this time.  It is changeable and we have all done it, don’t feel bad. We have to literally trust God.  What that means is, we have to believe and expect God to move and do something to help us because of His power, His love, His grace, and because we believe in His Son Jesus Christ. There are problems that come with trust though, a majority of us have had trust issues with people and if we have that, those very trust issues can go into our relationship with God.  I mean, let’s be honest when things go wrong we tend to blame God and not the bill collector.  It’s so hard to trust someone you don’t know, but the thing is, we can get to know God.  We can know God. 


Think about this…


If you had to give a Police description of God, what would you say? What do you know about Him? Have you seen Him in the past?  Well, in trusting God it’s important to know things, so here are three things to hold on to.


You have to know that God loves you.  Me. God cares for me, you must know that.  You don’t die for what you don’t care for.  Most parents will say “I’d die for my child” when you hear that, that’s love, that’s care, that’s concern, but that hasn’t happened, because they are still alive.  Well, think about this; God sent His Son Jesus to literally die for you.  Guess what? You are literally to die for. You are that valuable and worthy to God. He loves you. 


You have to know that God has your best interest in mind. Jeremiah 29:11 tells us that God has a plan for our life. He thinks good thoughts towards us. He loves us. It also tells us He has a future for us.  When we read that we wonder; if this happened how is this God loving me and caring for me and having my best interest in mind? Something we have to face the truth that we won’t always know what or why it happened.  We just have to learn about God in the process and accept what He allowed knowing it’s for my good and His glory.  It’s hard to do, but as we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God it becomes easier to let things go. 


You have to know that our home is Heaven.   Too often we get so caught up in the world and the worlds system we forget that we aren’t going to be here forever.  We tend to try to build our own kingdom on this Earth and forget that God will take us to be with Him someday. We have to have an awareness that what I am doing for God now is impacting people Eternally, if we only live for the present, we will never be as effective in changing people’s eternal destinies.  Too many of us as Christians are forgetting that we will receive a majority, hopefully, of our rewards in heaven.  Its good to live for another day and expect the best, but to think that’s all there is is destructive to our walk with God.  We can’t think that life is just here on this sin cursed world, as a matter of fact if all we want to do is live here forever we are in trouble.  We have to know, that no matter what Heaven is our destination.  God has a place reserved in Heaven for us.  That’s why it’s important to be dedicated to serving God and trying to get people in Heaven with us, nobody wants to sit alone at a banquet. 


Well, another question we can have is what do we do while trusting God?  Do we just sit around and talk or look at our watch or something? This is a good question, but the answer is no.  It doesn’t mean sit around and scheme and try to figure out how to alter the Lotto numbers.  What we should do is serve God while we are trusting in Him to change our situations.  Don’t be inactive when you are in these moments, because an idle mind (and body) is the devils playground. 


So, here are two things you can do….


Join a Ministry – When you join a ministry, your level of trust in God will go up, because you are dependent on His ability to help you to be effective in it.  When we really serve God we begin to learn about God and as we learn about God it becomes easier to trust Him when things seem out of control.

and here’s a good one….


Love someone- Pick someone to favor, to bless, to help, to pray for, try it out! It’s cool to help someone you like, but why not pick someone who is hard to love or perhaps that you don’t like. You’ll find out when you do loving things you will begin to love with the love of Christ.

You’ve just heard some things good things about trusting God, the pitfalls of not trusting God, some things that can help us understand more about trusting God, but this is where you have to activate what you heard.  You have to take this information and live in it. You have to love people. You have to serve God in ministry. You have to help those who don’t help you. Walk with God. Grow every day. Learn about God. Ask God to help you see Him in all things, you’ll be amazed at what you see. 


Oh yea, I forgot to tell you…DON’T YOU GIVE UP BECAUSE THE SITUATION hasn’t changed yet. LOOK TO HIM AND TRUST IN HIM. He’s your guide!




Father in Jesus Name, I come to You grateful, grateful that I can trust You with my life. Lord, sanctify me, set me apart in a new way for Your glory. Lord, I trust You with my life, but show me those areas where I am lacking in faith, lacking in trust, lacking in my walk with You and help me to have the concern to ask You to show me how to grow beyond and above them. Lord, create in me a clean heart and make my heart loyal to You. Father, create a better way for my life, Lord, if I am headed in the wrong direction, send a sign and stir my heart to seek You about it, don't let me make a wrong move based on the flesh and self life. Guide my life Holy Spirit, I ask this for Your glory, please fulfill these requests based on the shed blood of Jesus on the Cross may my light shine and Your Kingdom be glorified through this moment in Jesus Name! AMEN!