This book is destined to change your life and make you a stronger, more educated and effective Christian.  There may be some grammar issues (first book), but if you read it you'll never miss the purpose. If you apply the principles of it and answer the questions in sincerity and with an open heart, your whole life and relationship with Jesus will change.

The book price is: 10.00

The shipping price to anywhere in the United States is around 3.00

The total price you will have to pay (for one book) is: 13.00

There are multiple ways of ordering this book:


You can contact me personally if you desire a personal copy. If you plan on mailing a money order or cashiers check please be wise and don't send them in "card" form because they can be opened and the money can be stolen.  Wrap a piece of paper around the method in which you chose to send the funds and then add it to an envelope.

If you desire a personal signed copy please contact me, you can do this through Facebook, Twitter or through this:

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For national and international ordering I suggest ordering from Xulon Press.  It ships directly from the publishing company.  Click HERE.


If you cannot afford a printed copy, Amazon.com has eBook form for 7.99, but please take into consideration the questions asked. They are life changing. To order it click HERE.

Barnes and Noble also has it in eBook form for the same price for your kindle or kindle fire. Click HERE.

iBook's also has it for sale, but I have no link you will have to search "Gods Classroom: 22 Interactive Lessons."  I still suggest buying the full book if possible for your ability to write. Writing is power and the questions are what will bring you closer to what you are supposed to do in life as a believer. I thank you for your support and I love you. Remember, if you have a prayer request, click on the prayer request form and I will be in prayer for you over whatever you ask God for.

ISBN # 978-1-4984-0978-0


If you have a desire to order more for friends, Church ministries, family, etc. please just multiply the cost and I will ship them off as soon as possible. Because of the nature of the book and the questions a husband and wife may want to have two separate copies, a couple or even a personal Bible Study group that you have started for Gods glory.  Either way, please refer them to someone and pray as you watch God work deep in your heart creating Christ-likeness in you. Thank you!